Jeg spørger kun?

Nei, det stemmer ikke helt. Det hender jeg svarer p&aring noen spørsmål ogs&aring. Disse er fra en engelskspråklig mailingliste og jeg kan ikke finne inspirasjon til å oversette hverken dem eller svarene, så:

1. Full given name: Anne Eilertsen

2. Nickname: None. I always use “Anne” as login name if possible.

3. Birthplace: Narvik, northern Norway

4. Been outside your native country? Sweden, Finland, Denmark, England, Scotland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, the Czech republic, USA.

5. List 3 favorite smells: Garlic baking, freshly ground coffee, cognac.

6. List 3 favorite sounds: Babies laughing. Well, anybody (anybody I like, that is) laughing, really. Cats purring. And seagulls crying – always makes me slightly homesick.

7. Favorite color: Green. Most dark greens. Teal, olive – but not mint or other pastels, yuck.

8. 5 people, living, dead, or imaginary at your dinner party: I guess I’d prefer friends. But somebody who could converse wittily and pleasantly would be nice – perhaps Elizabeth Bennet and Elinor Dashwood? And Meriadoc, Granny Weatherwax and Death.

9. Last song you listened to: “Rainy Twilight Coast”, Robyn Hitchcock.

10. Favorite philosopher: I haven’t read much philosophy. But I’ve picked up the idea from somewhere that I should read Kierkegaard. Perhaps I will one day.

11. Favorite author lately: Lately? Probably Terry Pratchett. Ask me again some time.

12. Currently reading: Erik Schlosser: Fast Food Nation. Bill Bryson: A Short History of Nearly Everything. Michael Moore: Stupid White Men. Tove Jansson: Hvem skal trøste knøttet? Copenhagen guide books.

13. Do you watch TV? Yes. Drama series, occasionally movies, documentaries, and sometimes MTV or VH1.

14. What does TV mean to you? Easy entertainment. Too easy, maybe. Occasionally a way to get input on new movies or music that might interest me, but I mostly use the web for that. I suspect we’d be better off without a TV, if we still had the monitor to watch DVDs – we have started to buy our favourite TV series on DVD anyway.

15. Favorite breed of dog, if you HAD to choose: A wrinkly one. Pug, or bulldog, or boxer. But I prefer cats.

16. Did you get picked on in school? Be honest: Yes. But more ignored than picked on, I guess.

17. If so, what for? Probably because I was clever, and introverted, and uncool, and fat, and had weird interests and (I have since realized) sent out weirdly independent vibes (although it certainly didn’t feel like that at the time).

18. Did you pick on anyone? Be honest: I don’t think so. I might have hurt someone without meaning to.

19. Are you political: Not really.

20. Care to share your leanings?: Fairly libertarian and somewhat left of centre. I think people should be allowed to do whatever they like as long as they don’t hurt other people or hinder the traffic. I think people should accept responsibility for themselves, but that those who can’t take care of themselves should be taken care of. I think preventing crimes and rehabilitating people is better (and more cost-effective) than punishing criminals. I think laws are made for the people and should be simple, just and not too many. And I tend to think that people in general are too stupid to be allowed to vote, but that there really isn’t any good alternative form of government.

21. 3 mundane things you dislike: People who get riled about things that should be unimportant to them (such as other people’s hairstyle or lifestyle choices). People who pester me with questions on things which are none of their business (such as if, or when, we are planning to have more children). And people who believe that the definition of a joke is “whatever you say right before you laugh” (and so never get any of my jokes).

22. Are you partnered?: Yes.

23. Are you happy with your partner?: Yes

24. Name your favorite kind of tree or plant: Hm. Birch trees. Dandelions. Sunflowers.

25. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?: Flying. Definitely.

26. Who inspires you?: Friends, mostly. Intelligent friends who themselves are inspired, and who are interested in my stuff.

27. Favorite movie: Difficult one. Too many. A sample list: The Big Lebowski, Lost in Translation, Casablanca, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, Dumbo, Léon (The Professional), Out of Sight, The Iron Giant, The Shawshank Redemption, The Big Sleep, The Long Kiss Goodnight. And Matrix. And Dark City. I loved Moulin Rouge, too. American Beauty was also very good, and LA Confidential. And Riget (The Kingdom, Lars von Trier). Movies that move me, in general – emotionally, intellectually or “sensually” – don’t know a better word, but I love to be “swept away” and I don’t often get that feeling. I’m not a very enthusiastic person, and I seldom get emotional and/or carried away, but I love big rollercoasters, and also the cinematic equivalents (like Matrix and LOtR, or Indiana Jones for that matter).

28. If reincarnation is real, what would you come back as? A cat, living with someone who loves cats. Someone like me. :-)

29. Facial hair on men? Looks nice on some. Looks silly on some. If I had to make a general rule, I’d say no, but I don’t see why I should make a general rule. In fact, as a rule, I distrust general rules. In general.

30. If money or time were no object, what one thing would you do? Travel, read and write. Learn to cook wonderfully, learn more languages, have a few children and teach them whatever I could by taking them with me all over the world.

31. Best time of your life? My summer in Munich in 1994, maybe. Or maybe the first two years I lived and worked in Oslo – that would be 1996 and 97. Or perhaps the period of my life before I got “really conscious”. (I remember lying awake the night before I started school (at the age of 7), thinking that this was the last time in my life I would be truly “free” until I retired.)

32. What item is most important to you and what does it remind you of? I don’t think I have one “most important item”. I love my books and my records, and lots of our other stuff, but it’s all replaceable if it should get lost. My photos, maybe. And of course letters I have got from my friends over the years – I never throw those away. I love rereading old letters, and emails too.

33. Are you a “morning person” or an “evening person?” Very very very much an evening person.

34. Beaches or mountains? I like the sea. I’m not too fond of beaches but I like rocky shores and fjords and islands. But I like mountains, too. (Mountains and sea are never far from each other where I come from…)

35. Favorite newspaper/news source: The Onion and Doonesbury.

36. How old were you when you first fell in love? 11. But the first time I fell in love with someone I actually knew (as opposed to admiring from afar) I was 19.

37. How important is language to you, compared to, say, musical or visual input? For me, language is by far the most important – for instance, the lyrics are always essential for my experience of pop music, and I’m not really very visual at all (my memories and my dreams are never very visual, but I’ve got a great memory for verbal input and literary passages). And talking and writing to people is probably my favourite pastime in the whole world.

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